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Eyesight has three simple solutions: audience, social & email targeting

Solution ONE: Audience Targeting

Everyone has an audience that will give them the best ROI with their digital ad spend

Reach the right people in Tuscaloosa and abroad

Everyone today will see at least 500 ads online while browsing sites, engaginging in social media and using their smart devices. With pay-per-click advertising, social media ad spends and adword campaigns you can put your marketing message in front of those people pretty easily and get some return on your investment. But what if you are a bank or an insurance company and you are spending your money targeting a broad demographic the best way you can? You are spending marketing dollars online, on billboards, radio spots, newspapers, etc. At best you are getting a small return that in most cases isn’t trackable at all with no analytical data provided on your ad spends.

“Everyone will see at least 500 ads online while browsing sites, engaging in social media and using their smart devices.”

So as a bank or an insurance agency, what if there were a solution that could put your brand in front of potential car buyers, business owners, home owners, etc. With the audience segmentation power of Eyesight, you can do just that. We have the network of sites to create perfectly targeted audiences for your brand like no one else. An audience that needs your services, an audience that will spend money with your brand, and an audience that will socially engage with your brand like never before. There is no other marketing solution out there that has the power and the engagement numbers like Eyesight. Bottom line, the perfect audience for you will see an ad every day. The question is, will it be yours.

“Eyesight marketing enables us to reach our target audience in Tuscaloosa, West Alabama, and other cities in the southeast with ease and provides results that are changing how we allocate our ad spends.”

Will Ulmer - President, Waters Bluff Clothing Inc.

Reach new audiences

Eyesight works with you to understand your audience and works to meet you where your highest needs are in your marketing strategy.  With a complete analysis of your audience, we can connect you with in-market audiences that have never been to your site before.  Bigger audiences that are more likely to purchase your product or services.

Dynamic Segmentation

You know your current customers, so how can you reach new ones? With Eyesight, we give you the power to target users that are most likely to buy your products and services. Shorten the sales cycle by marketing to the right people while reaching them in an environment where they can take action.  We create targeted ads based on real-time interest and audience segmentation.  Why are you still using static, third pary data when you can have dynamic segmentations with Eyesight's powerful segment engine?

Measure what matters

Clear reporting with real metrics - is that too much to ask? It is from traditional media like billboards and print. With Eyesight there are no estimates or guesstimates - you know exactly how many ad impressions you get each month, the number of clicks, how your ads performed, etc. Real figures, real stats, easy to understand reporting, and we even find trends in your campaigns to help optimize your efforts.

Solution TWO: Social Targeting

Reaching your targeted audience through social media


Facebook has over 210 million users in the United States alone. Trying to reach your core audience in this sea of users can be overwhelming. Even with Facebook’s algorythm’s, getting your ad in front of the right person is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s where Eyesight comes in. We overlay our audience targeting on top of Facebook and put together a segmeneted audience that produces real results. With the average Facebook user spending roughly 45 minutes a day, it’s a prime location to place your ads. And with our Facebook ad spends, it’s never been cheaper to reach your audience. It is the most affordable marketing in the history of advertising.

Cost to reach 1000 people
Cost to reach 1000 people



Solution THREE: Email Targeting

Email marketing without sending an email


It's our secret sauce

There’s just somethings that we can’t share on the internet :)  However, it doesn’t make our email targeting any less powerful than our other solutions.  This is the power behind tying your target audience, your social media and your email marketing all together.  To have one of our parnters contact you about this service, please feel out the form below.


Local Solutions: Tuscaloosa

Reaching your targeted audience in Tuscaloosa

Eyesight has a firm grasp on what Tuscaloosa decision makers want to see, when they want to see it, and where they will be when they are ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. We love working with our local Tuscaloosa community and economy to help local Tuscaloosa and West Alabama businesses achieve the very best return on their marketing investments. We are confident that we can help to continue Tuscaloosa's economic growth and development. Fill out our contact information for more info on how we can help you grow your business in Tuscaloosa and beyond!


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